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SCO, Buckwheat, Groats, UA

SCO, Buckwheat, Groats, UA
SCO, Buckwheat, Groats, UA
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Product Code : 37
Product Description

SCO Buckwheat

SCO Buckwheat is a food item which is similar to that of a grain and have good nutritional value. It is not a grain as it do not belong to the grass family. This food products is a plant cultivated grain like seed which is also called as pseudo-cereals. It can be used as a main ingredient in daily food products such as flour, noodles, breakfast foods, and certain beverages or can also be used for livestock feed. SCO buckwheat is rich in essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber and various antioxidants which make them a healthy diet element for a balanced and nutritive food composition.